Do I Need to Get My Car Detailed?

Getting your car detailed can seem like an unnecessary cost, but there are numerous benefits that every car owner can enjoy. Whether or not you define yourself as a “car enthusiast” you should consider getting your car detailed every so often.  A good guideline is to take your car to a detailer about every 4-6 months, or when the seasons change. Depending on your location and climate you may be able to go less often- or need to go more often.


Unlike a regular car wash, auto detailing is an extremely thorough process of cleaning and reconditioning the exterior and interior of your car. Car detailers work to buff, polish and/or vacuum every imperfection out in your car. There are currently no uniform guidelines in the detailing industry so make sure to do your research on the package, pricing and qualifications of detailers in your area. A well-done detail job should have your car looking like it did the first day you got in it.


Other than personal enjoyment- the most important reason to get your car detailed is to protect your car from the elements and protect your finish from oxidation. Keeping your car’s interior and exterior in good condition can help to maintain or restore the value of your car. For minimal protection of the paint, you should wax every month. Or for longevity we highly recommended a high performance paint coating-which can last for years and can save thousands of dollars during the period you own your vehicle. (check out our other blog posts for more information) If you’re thinking of selling your car, getting it detailed first can actually increase its value!


Adding car detailing to your routine car maintenance is a great way to preserve your car’s value, and help you to enjoy that “new car feel” longer.