Tips for Protecting Your Car’s Paint in the Winter

Winter can be a harsh time for your car; between the salt, dirt, snow and ice scrapers providing some extra TLC can help maintain your vehicle’s paint.

Road salt not only melts snow but can cause oxidation and loss of gloss or clear coat failure for your car. At a minimum you’ll want to make sure you have a coat of wax applied to protect from rust and oxidation.

The best protection is a paint coating. This provides years of protection, doesn’t require continuous reapplications and makes it easier to keep your car clean- especially in the winter when you’re not able to wash your vehicle frequently with the cold weather. High performance paint coatings can extend the life of the paint or gel coat by providing a protective barrier between the painted surface and the harsh climate, repelling contaminants and harmful environmental elements. We recommend having a certified Flight Shield service center apply your paint coating.

Another option is a paint sealant, which features better durability than traditional waxes and can also be done yourself. This requires less prep work but doesn’t last as long as a ceramic paint coating or provide the same level of protection. While it may get too cold to give your car a traditional wash, you can find water-less products so that the salt and dirt doesn’t sit on your car all season long. Also, be careful if using hard plastic scrapers as they can scratch your painted surfaces. For your windshield, adding antifreeze to your windshield wiper fluid helps to keep your view clear.

When spring comes be sure to spend a nice weekend day thoroughly washing and cleaning off residue on your car or bring your car in for a complete auto detailing at a trusted shop.