3 Reasons to Get a Ceramic Paint Coating for Your Vehicle

If you want to keep your car’s surface protected and looking like new- a ceramic paint coating for your car or boat is your answer. Originally developed for the aeronautical industry these coatings have made their way in to the car and marine industry. In a nutshell, it is a crystal clear nano coating that chemically bonds to the exterior of your vehicle or boat. Thanks to this bond it will not wash away and doesn’t require application every few months like a regular wax. Sapphirev1 Ceramic coatings offer 5+ years of protection!

If you’re looking for that lasting perfect shine for your car or boat, FlightShield is your answer.

Reduces On Going Maintenance

  • With a ceramic coating, the exterior of your car or boat will be more resistant to outside materials and repel water. This will keep it cleaner for longer, and reduce the need for regular waxing.

Paint Protection

  • This coating protects paint from harmful UV rays, contaminants, and is resistant to staining and etching.

High Gloss Finish

  • FlightShield gives your vehicle that ultra-smooth and high gloss finish you’ve been dreaming of and optimizes performance by reducing drag.

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